Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Can You Accurately Pick Web Hosting Duds?

One of the biggest risks associated with choosing a web hosting provider is that it won't be long before the host is out of business. You might wake up one morning to find that not only has your website disappeared from the internet but so has your web hosting service.

This can be a huge shock and if you have paid for a subscription that has many months to go then you will rightly feel cheated. The problem with web hosting is that it is such as fierce competitive industry that there could be any of these businesses that fail; there is just no way to guarantee success. But some web hosting companies will be more likely to succeed than others; there are ways to spot the losers and some of these ways are listed below.

- If you have seen that your website has been down for a lot of the time lately then take this as a bad sign. You can almost be sure that other customers are suffering the same fate as you. The web hosting provider's business will more than likely fail if too many customers leave but this is exactly what will happen if people have been having problems with downtime.

If you are still on board with this web host then you will go down with the ship.

- Another sign that things are not rosy in the garden is if the web hosting provider does not offer a good customer service. All web hosting providers should do all they can to offer their customers a good customer service because at the end of the day, there are plenty of other companies that will do this. A main reason why a lot of people will leave their current web hosting provider is because they could not provide good customer service at the rates they advertised.

- Another sign that things are not as they should be is unprofessionalism. The website of the host should not in any way appear amateurish and your communications from the host should be professionally written.